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Established Families

As an established family, you are looking to concentrate your financial efforts towards building assets and savings for:

Overseas travel


University education
for your children


A new car

Prepare for the unexpected.

But somewhere – maybe in the back of your mind – you realise that the old saying, ‘The more you have, the more you have to lose’ is true. And now that you’re accumulating wealth, you want to feel confident that it’s protected should the worst happen.

Some days when you have a quiet moment to yourself, you may question, “What would happen if an extended illness, injury or death prevented me from providing for my family?” The thought of exposing your children and partner to such risk sends shudders down your spine.

“Josh and the products he recommended to me really proved themselves when I was faced with a sudden health crisis. Josh was there for me and my family as I recovered. I count Josh as a highly valued adviser for our Life, Income, and Disability Insurance needs.”  – Brian W

Protect yourself.

Regardless of your health, you want to secure your family’s income – especially as you have worked hard over the years getting to where you are now, growing both your family’s security and lifestyle. And as you’ve gotten older, you’ve come to realise that you’re no longer young and invincible. In a peculiar way, you’ve come to grips with your own mortality. And deep down inside you know the reality is that accidents and illnesses can strike at any time, and often with quite devastating consequences.

Doesn’t it make sense to protect your family’s welfare with a dependable life insurance policy?